Celebrating 4,000 Productions
and More Than 25,000 Performances!

JONES HOPE WOOTEN enjoy the reputation of being three of the most widely-produced playwrights in America. The rapid popularity their plays have achieved has made theirs the definitive laugh-out-loud comedies in theatre today. Audience favorites all, the ever expanding catalogue of JONES HOPE WOOTEN COMEDIES include the wildly popular Futrelle and Verdeen Family trilogies set in the mythical and much beloved - McTwayne County, Texas.

The JONES HOPE WOOTEN COMEDIES have now entertained millions of theatergoers all across America and in Canada, Denmark, Japan, The Netherlands, Australia, Germany, Mexico, The Virgin Islands, England, Taiwan, Scotland, Sri Lanka, Puerto Rico and Kenya, as well.



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NOTHING in the licenses for any of the plays written by JONES HOPE WOOTEN gives the right to Film, Video or Audio record a performance, a rehearsal or any part thereof. Placing any excerpts on YouTube, Facebook etc. is a violation of the copyright laws and possibly a criminal offense.

Jones Hope Wooten do not accept any unsolicited materials, including plays, screenplays, novels, story ideas or synopses.

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